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Purchase Card Holder Agreement

Augustana College is pleased to sign you up for the MASTERCARD Credit Card (also called "P-Card" or Purchasing Card).  It represents the College's trust in you and your empowerment as a responsible agent to safeguard and protect our assets.

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I accept the Augustana College purchase card, to be used for travel expenses and for departmental purchases. I agree to use the card in accordance with the following terms :

  1. I have received and read the College Policies on proper use of the card.
  2. I am responsible for all transactions charged to this card.
  3. I will use this card only for Augustana College business purposes and not for personal purchases.
  4. I will use this card in lieu of travel advances and purchases with personal funds requiring reimbursement whenever possible.
  5. Unless specifically requested by me and authorized by the Business Office Card Administrator, I will limit purchases to $2,000 per transaction for travel and other College purchases.
  6. For each transaction, I will obtain and keep detailed receipts  which contain an itemized listing of goods or services purchased (I  will also include a brief explanation  as to business purpose of the transaction) I will return original receipts attached to the statement to the Business Office no later than the last business day of each month. I will also reconcile my monthly transactions on JP Morgan Smart Data website as  per the Business Office deadline. I understand that failure to comply will  be considered  a violation of our cardholder agreement.
  7. I will immediately report a lost or stolen card, disputed charges, or other customer service issues to card services at 1-800-316-6056 and to the Business Office Card Administrator.

I understand Augustana will audit the use of this card and that improper use may result in disciplinary action. I also understand Augustana may terminate my right to use this card at any time for any reason. I agree to return the card to Augustana College immediately upon request or upon termination of employment.

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